It’s the Buy Here Pay Here finance system that I like best. This system has the showmanship of a carnival, which is reminiscent of wild west auto loans. Want to know more about buy here, pay here West Virginia? Join us for an exciting ride with buy here, pay here West Virginia – click this link.

Look for a dealer that has ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ before you do anything else. You can easily spot them; just look for a sign with “No Credit, no Problem” written in bold, colourful characters. After you find your way in, you will be welcomed by a person with a strong handshake like a wet noodles and a huge smile.

The next step is to pick your perfect vehicle, or the one that comes closest to what you want. BHPH will finance your vehicle for you, so there’s no need to fill out credit applications. The dealership will do it all. Just relax and sit back while the magic happens.

Once you have decided which vehicle to buy, the time has come to sign your contract. We do mean “dotted line,” after all. You’ll be reading so many fine details that you will need both a magnifying lamp and an attorney. So pack them. You need not worry, the salesperson can walk you though everything to ensure you fully understand before you sign.

Your money is now due. Your dealership will set up a weekly or biweekly schedule of payments based on the financial circumstances you have. Remember that BHPH interest rates can be high. Make sure you have the money to pay for the extra cost.

The “Here Pay Here’ component in the equation is a way to return payments back to the dealership. The dealership will collect your weekly installment payment.

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