It can be very annoying to use ladders for odd jobs in or out of the house site link. Telescopic poles, or extension poles can be used instead. A pole can be used to do things like cleaning, pruning, and painting. Telescopic poles, which can be adjusted according to height, are also available. These are compact in size and can be carried around in your backpack. They are ideal for boaters, hikers skiers, snowboarders, fishermen and others who need them. They are available in different sizes. Although most are made from metals or fiberglass, they can also come in other materials.

Telescopic poles allow you to perform common household tasks more efficiently. A telescopic pole can be used to access difficult areas of the ceiling. It can also be used to clean windows. Simply attach a brush to it and then use a squeegee or a brush. All of this can be done without the need for a ladder. Telescoping poles have a number of advantages, including the ease and safety they offer. For removing leaves, twigs and other debris from your roof it is safer to use a rake and/or broom attached to an extension pole rather than a ladder. The same goes for trimming branches. Attach a saw or rake to your telescopic rod.

These tools are used frequently by painters to paint walls, ceilings, sidings. They can also help maintain swimming pools. You can use different attachments to clean, skim and vacuum pools of different sizes. Telescopic poles may also be used outdoors for leisure activities. Such poles are used for installing tents and awnings, among other things. Telescopic fishing rods prove to be very useful for reaching difficult places. Boatmen can also use telescopic fishing rods for maneuvering the boat in shallow waters where engines or oars cannot be used.

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