“Recovering Self”, is more than just an journal. Although only 87pp are included, the double-columned pages feel almost like a complete anthology. “Recovering Self”, although not every piece will appeal to everyone, has something to offer everyone, read next page.

It would take too much time to review all the aspects of this journal. Instead, I will try to summarize a few that stand out for me and give you an idea about the broad definition of recovery.

Christy Lowry’s Forgiveness: A God Thing? “Forgiveness: A God Thing” is about a woman trying to learn to forgive the man whose car killed her young daughter. The article dealt with forgiveness and also discussed how to overcome our grief.

Frank A. Gerbode’s article titled “A Theory of Resilience” offered answers and insight on how to deal with trauma experiences, as well as the stress levels that are triggered by them. He uses a personal example about a musical performance which he had to bungled. This illustrates how a music stand falling on top of him in practice would have caused much less stress than when it was performed. The article helps to understand how stress can vary in different situations for different people. Needless, it was a surprise that Frank Gerbode from metapsychology contributed to the journal. I am excited for future excellent issues.

Sam Vaknin gives a deep discussion about gender and the sexuality of “Sex, Gender and Personality Disorders” and whether this is biologically or cultural. While the topic is not new, Vaknin provided ample information to allow people to form their own opinions.