There are Android apps and iPhone apps that can do just about anything these days. You know that famous quote, “There’s an app to that”. Funny thing about this quote is that it probably doesn’t have one app for it. So that should be the quote: “There are APPs that do that!” Now, let’s talk about the service industry. I am referring to the auto detailing business. I want to briefly discuss with you how these modern mobile apps can be used by auto detailing companies going here.

I believe that Industry Associations would be smart to develop apps for members. First, they should create reminder apps to remind drivers when it is time to have their car detailed again. It’s similar to the reminder app that reminds people when it is time to change their oil. A study was done by one of the associations in the auto maintenance sector that found that around 85% of car repairs go unfinished.

Most common is failing to change the belts, filters, and hoses. It is not fair that the auto detailing business should fall into this same trap. It makes sense, after you have done a great job, to remind someone to apply a second wax job to their car every so often to ensure that it stays looking good and maintains its value. You can think of this as a reminder that auto detailers work very hard to provide excellent customer service and high quality car care. To get referrals and maintain a steady stream of repeat customers, they must do this. This industry could tap into mobile applications and send reminder notices and coupons to their most loyal clients.
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