Then you decide to work at home. You need to have a site, but aren’t sure how or what to build. The article below will show you how to create a website that makes money for little, or no cost, extra resources!

Many different kinds of websites exist, from corporate sites to personal ones. Some sites are simply created to have fun. However, an increasing number of websites exist with the sole purpose of generating revenue for their owners.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online is by creating a website.

* informational,

* Community development and building

* Blogs

Informative Websites

Wikipedia is, without a doubt, the most popular of all. You may have some specific information you would like to share with others or that you wish to market on a more localized scale. What do you offer? It would be possible to create a website that provides information on the topic. If you are a baker, you may have collected a number of tasty recipes and cleverly combined them into themed cookbooks. If you want to share baking tips with others, perhaps a few recipes from your own book or maybe even some that aren’t included in it, then a web page is the way to go. There could be a discussion forum to allow people to exchange baking advice and recipes. It is possible to turn your website into a money-making one by selling a recipe book. Even though there are many options available to create a free website, I suggest paying $10 and purchasing your own domain. They may come with cheap or free hosting.

Community Building Websites

Facebook is probably the most widely known community-building website. It is possible to create a profile on your favourite subject, or hobby… for instance dogs. It is possible to create links to related dog sites, share useful information with pet owners and even monetize your site by selling an item you created, or a partner product. Joining these communities is free. If you come off too hard-sell, then you’ll never be able build any community, let alone make money.


A lot of blogs are offered for free. But, if your goal is to own a domain, it will cost you a few dollars and you might also need hosting. Use one of the numerous free blogs on the Internet. Popular blog platforms include Blogger and WordPress. It is largely up to you which type of blogging platform will allow your blog to become a profitable website. Your options are much more varied if your blog is hosted by you. They range from Google AdSense through affiliate links and product promotions to reviews or reviews that promote a specific product. Other services limit your choices to only affiliate links.

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