In almost every room of the house – living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. – floor tiles are used. As they are used every day, the floor tiles begin to fade and become stained. A dirty floor tile can bring a whole room down. Your house will look dull if you don’t have a shiny flooring, regardless of how nicely decorated it is. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches will restore your home’s shine, continue reading.

It is important to pay attention to dirty, dull, or dirty floors. They should be cleaned so they can shine once again. Even though many products are available that give your floors a glossy shine, it is best to use natural ingredients you already have at home to get the job done. Learn how to clean floor tiles with some of the natural ingredients you have in your home.

1. Ammonia. Ammonia. Pour a quarter cup ammonia in a bucket with hot water. After soaking the mop in this solution, wring it out. To keep your tiles germ-free, clean them. The best way to restore shine and luster is by using ammonia on floor tiles with yellow staining.

2. Borax vinegar and ammonia. You can use a solution of 1/4 cup borax, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup ammonia to remove dirt from your floor tiles. All these ingredients should be added to a medium bucket filled with hot water. Stir well. Use this solution to clean the tiles in your house. Then rinse them thoroughly with hot water.

3. White vinegar. White vinegar. Take 1 bucket hot water, and add 1 part water. The vinegar should be well mixed into the hot water. It will also help to make the tiles smell better. Use this vinegar solution to wipe your floor tiles. Make sure you squeeze the excess liquid out of it.

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