In both the oriental and western traditional paintings get more info, decorative elements play a major role. The Byzantine religious paintings that inspired the early Western tempera paintings had a strong emphasis on ornamentation. Modern paintings like those after impressionism have an oriental style. Many Modern Chinese painting imitated the nation decorative arts and modern abstraction style of decoration paintings.

Materials and techniques of decorative oils paintings Articles deformation or exaggeration processing based upon realistic modeling. Performance practices focus on the outline and structure of a painting and accentuates its weakening. In color, use fixed colors to create a base and focus on the planarization with full composition, intensity and comparison. As the painting decoration is composed of many elements, including white folk, primitive, religious, children’s, and traditional decorative patterns. These factors have rich resources and constant changes. Therefore, oil painting decoration style or the processing method for decoration has a very large development area. It is crucial to use decorative painting techniques and materials. These can sometimes have a major impact on the final picture’s color and texture.

By combining textures or synthetic materials in the process of the first layer, you can get the same results as if you were painting in a decorative style. The use different textures and thicknesses in canvas or board as well as special paper, or a color foundation can give a decorative touch. Some painters add beeswax to their pigments in order to achieve a unique texture. It can be painted on a gold or a silver background. The screen can be enhanced with metallic foil, metallic powder and special pearlescent and metallic pigments. Rendering techniques do not have to be limited to one type. They can use a variety, including collage, drip and other special methods using oil and water to create special colors textures, style changes, and blade. Special painting methods may be used in order to produce decorative painting. Some decorative painting can be used as adhesive, ruler and paint using special tool materials.

The relationship between creation and decoration should be properly addressed when creating decorative paintings. While simple decoration paintings have a very decorative composition, with an expression of spirit that is constant, decorative paintings appeal to their utilitarian functions more than anything else. In the case of choosing over gorgeous materials and applying techniques without restrictions to show off their ornamental, a painting can become vulgar and cheap. To achieve harmony, you need to make sure that the traditional decorative art is chosen and improved to suit the content.

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