Many people are concerned about the cleanliness of their heavy appliances and utensils in commercial kitchens. They don’t have the time or ability to maintain a schedule for cleaning. This is particularly true in rush periods, especially in India, where all celebrations and festivities are lined up – more about the author.

It is more than the kitchen’s environment that I mean by dirty kitchen. It is also the equipment and the overall condition of the kitchen that gives it its true identity.

It is well-known that cleaning daily is the best way to maintain order and operation. However, if this is not the case in your kitchen, it is worth scheduling a cleaning exercise. This is almost like a mandatory training program that corporations require their employees to complete. Why not do the same for your kitchen?

You can do regular cleaning for more reasons than one. Here are some: Maintaining a clean kitchen environment

B. B.

C. Maintenance of the work environment.

Did I cover everything? Yes. These three points are the key to success in a commercial kitchen at a restaurant or hotel.

The truth is that if these three points are remembered by the maintenance staff of the hotel or the kitchen staff, there will be no unexpected circumstances such as equipment failure, short-circuits, excess power consumption, etc.

Commercial kitchens require extreme care because they are constantly in use and have to be available 24×7. You can divide your kitchen into sections (mostly the layout acts as a division, dry area, wet area and dry area). It is best to choose one area at a time (preferably nighttime, when there is less traffic/rush) in order to focus on cleaning it. You might choose another area the next day. It is important to keep your kitchen equipment and utensils clean by doing brisk cleaning.

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