Carpet Cleaning Mosman prides itself on offering outstanding rug cleaning service. Rugs are an important investment in any home – find out more. Our cutting-edge techniques will ensure that your rugs look great and are cleaned thoroughly. We use these methods:

Heat water extraction

The hot water extraction method is the most effective way to clean rugs. To remove dirt, stains and odors from your fiber carpet, we use high-pressure steam combined with potent suction. This gentle method ensures that your carpet is completely cleaned and not damaged.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is used for delicate or water sensitive rugs. After the carpet has been treated with a special cleaning powder, it’s then agitated using a machine. This powder pulls dirt out of the fibers to give your rug a fresh look.

Spot Cleaning

For difficult stains or spots, we use spot-cleaning techniques. To remove specific stains like wine, dog pee or coffee we also employ specialized cleaning solutions. Thanks to their extensive experience, they can help you choose the best cleaning option for your color.

Odor Elimination

Our odor removal methods will remove all offensive odors. Our products are safe for pets, family members, and the surrounding environment. Deodorizing treatment removes odors from carpets. Carpets will smell fresh.

Drying Techniques

To ensure that your rug is dry quickly and evenly, we employ specialised tools and techniques. Our equipment prevents mildew and mold growth from your carpet, as well as fans that speed up drying.

Carpet Cleaning Mosman will arrange for you to make an appointment and provide additional information.

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